Docside Production

Docside is an independent production company founded in 1992 by Sylvie Barbe and Jean-Marc Robert, developing ambitious programs, collections or unit, including science, history, environment and exploration …
At the forefront of new technologies, Docside produces many of his films by mixing sharp synthetic images and ambitious fiction. Most of them are internationally produced, with prestigious partners such National géographic, Nova , NHK, CBC, Discovery etc.
As part of its production of high ambition, cultural, or scientific, Docside knows effectively and regularly how to involve private partnership and television broadcasting.
Occuring for a long time in the production of movies for the cable and magazines, Docsidecreates a new department in 2013 to develop this sector and expand its production to TNT and new media like the Web.
2013 is also for Docside the year of fiction, with the theatrical release of Inuk, directed by Mike Magidson – coproduced with C’est la Vie ! – as well as writing for France 2 a 90mn fiction Vogue la vie, an adaptation of the documentary film Dragon ladies.