Les Films d’un Jour

Les Films d’un Jour company was founded in 2004 and produces documentaries, reports, fictions and short programs.Currently, we are producing each year several programs hours for different TV channels (France Télévisions, ARTE, Ciné +, Planète + …) in France but also abroad, as well as for institutions and medias. We are developing an eclectic production and dealing with a lot of topics including culture, history, society questions, the knowledge and the environment.To give sense to pictures and to represent reality is a very important criterion for us since it translates an essential subjectivity to our jobs since it is full of sense, enthusiasm, and passions. That is what we like and wish to develop through all the movies we produce.To give a sense to ideas, to inform, to share a point of view, to establish a proper aesthetic for each movie, are for us major qualities within contents production.Associated since 2005 to the publishing firm L’Harmattan, our editorial policy is first guided by our will to gather a wide public in order to allow a world opening, on the variety of cultures and on the identity knowledge like those movies for example : Tours d’exil, Tinghir les échos du Mellah, south cultures and society problematics : Waliden, enfant d’autrui, Les branleurs de la Havane , Etats d’à¢me and l’ivresse du silence but also artistic topics : Emile Aillaud, Voyage en Mendonà§a, Jacques Pasquier, Sébastien martel, Sembene Ousmane and historic : Marie Curie, JB Charcot, Albert 1er de Monaco…Investigations movies : Le secret des irradiés, Biogaz, Des hommes à  la mer… And more personal movies with unusual point of views : Quand l’avenir était possible, Crises Chroniques, Presque seul…More than thirty movies produced, about thirty adventures who make a strong impact on our producers carrer.