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14-22 OCTOBER / OCTOBER 29 - NOVEMBER 1st 2021

The Pariscience International Science Film Festival presents every year a selection of the very best international scientific documentaries. Short films, features or series, no matter what you prefer, you can find it at Pariscience.

For sixteen years, the festival’s mission has remained the same: to act as a bridge between artistic pursuits and scientific knowledge and to facilitate sharing and dialogue, at a time when both are needed more than ever. And since scientific progress keeps shaping the world we live in, promoting of a better understanding of science and the ones who make it has never been more important.

That is why every screening at Pariscience is followed by a discussion between researchers, filmmakers and the public.

A way to share knowledge, raise awareness and exchange new ideas.



For the first time ever, the 16th edition of Pariscience took place entirely online.

  • From September 30 to October 20, for school audiences.
  • From October 23 to 28, for the general public and for professionals.

The event not to be missed for everyone who loves science in films!

The Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle and the Institut de physique du Globe in Paris are Pariscience’s official partners.

About the festival


For thirteen days, the 16th edition of Pariscience put science into the spotlight, with virtual events and a selection of no less than 77 films available online!

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